Date Night Cookbook

Every now and again a cookery book arrives in your world that deserves to be displayed as well date night cook book as used. The date night cookbook is the epitome of charm and has a stylish eye catching front cover that entices you inside.
The first thing to note about the date night cook book is that it is so much more than a cookbook; something that we yearn for in culinary hardbacks these days. Gone are the days when we are satisfied with recipes typed on a white back ground, we now hanker after recipes fused with literature that we can linger over, quirky mottos to penetrate our psyche and most importantly images to stir and invigorate our senses.
Rebecca Warbis the talent behind The date night cook book is a rare new breed of culinary phenomenon who can write the theme tune and sing the theme tune! Rebecca studied commercial photography and created the book as a form of DIY date night, with food as the star of the show.
The premise behind this book is to inspire foodie enthusiasts who enjoy using food as part of their event. The book not only provides delicious tantalising recipes but it entices you to create an entire date based around a place or theme, such as the beach, a movie fest or the somewhat titillating concept, the bed date!

The Datenight cook book boasts delightfully simple recipes that both couples can get stuck in and enjoy making and then devouring together. The book is broken up into cute chapters like ‘indoor tent night’ and ‘breakfast in bed’ accompanied with Dishes like ‘couples kebabs’ and ‘under the covers pancakes’. All recipes are incredibly simple to assemble leaving plenty of time for eating and of course any other activity you have planned for your date night.
Creating the recipes from scratch, styling the food, photographing and writing the recipes was all part of a day’s work for the young entrepreneur who sees The Date night cook book as a prelude to a trilogy or two of books. Rebecca foresees the theme expanding into the next phase of a typical couple’s journey from dating (tick) to the engagement/marriage and the honeymoon. This then paves the way to branch off for a potential further trilogy based around pregnancy, baby showers and parties.
Rebecca has set the mood perfectly with her love themed cookery book. The dishes themselves are an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary; nutritious and naughty, with not too much emphasis on superfoods. This was not the route Rebecca set out on when she began the Date night project. Instead the food remains real, wholesome and the kind of stuff couples want to eat when they are together.
The book itself is one to keep, show and pass around. Keep it perched in view on your shelf in date night cook book the kitchen or on top of the coffee table stack of books for guests to peruse when they visit. The date night cook book is also the ideal gift for ‘that’ couple you know.
Final thoughts
Date night cook book is a cookery book that’s more than a cookery book. It’s a foodie bible for couples and friends to enhance their dates together, with inspiring themes, locations and most importantly, food.
I highly recommend this book.
You can find Rebecca at

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