As a mum of three there’s not much I get to dedicate my disposable time on other than reading.

Ever since I can remember I’ve had access to books. In my home town of Leamington Spa I visited the local library weekly with my mum. I remember the thrill of entering the ornate building and racing straight to the Childrens section which was as big as an entire library is these days. 

My love of reading never left, even during those ‘difficult’ teenage years when hormones controlled everything.

My passion for words and particularly books ( I’m still not a kindle convert) has only increased with age. I’ll happily abandon housework halfway through to grab a nippy 5 minutes with a new book. If all three kids are content for the foreseeable, I leg it to my reading corner where I stay until I’m summoned back to my duties by one of the three of them. 

My ‘to read’ pile otherwise known as ‘the stack’ has taken on a life force if it’s own. It’s ever evolving and growing and with books available with 3 clicks online, new books arrive weekly, much to the dismay of my husband who thinks I have a problem and (I’ve actually taken to lying and hiding many new purchases).

The first book club I founded in 2007 is now a collective of four beautiful friends.  In 11 years we’ve been through 3 weddings, one funeral, 5 kids and countless books together. We are a unit and I couldn’t imagine my life without these girls in it. 

Books are a valuable part of my life and my children’s life. Reading is like breathing it comes that naturally to me and keeps me alive.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and blogs and that they encourage you to try something new, but more importantly to keep on reading and never ever stop.